Plant Manager
Located at 10th of Ramadan City

Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Develop of manufacturing policies in line with the Group's vision, mission and general objectives.
    Review the policies of the various plant departments and approve them in accordance with the policy of manufacturing.

  • Ensure the establishment, deployment and application of occupational safety and health systems and environment in the group in accordance with international standards.
    Supervise the application and development of Ahram Manufacturing System (AMS) in line with the latest international manufacturing systems to support the Group's ability to compete globally.
    Identification of plant needs for resources for manufacturing and development (human resources - machinery and equipment - industrial expenditure - projects)

  • Qualifications Needed:

  • Education: A university qualification.

  • Previous experience: At least 15 years of experience, including 3 years as factory manager.

  • Technical and managerial skills: Leadership skills - Strategic planning skill - Communication skills - Problem solving skills - Decision making skills - Working under stress - Negotiation skills - Flexibility management skills - Flexibility.

  • Special abilities: proficiency in English language and computer - knowledge of cost systems and financial systems of companies.

Process Improvement Section Head

Located at 10th of Ramadan City


Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Evaluate and improve on process in manufacturing systems.

  • Maintain reliable and safe manufacturing system while improving production rats, efficiency, yield, cost and changeovers.

  • Develop innovative Solution.

  • Improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standard

  • Prepare sample for study.

  • Collect record and transcribe data.

  • Provide suggestions during incident investigation.

  • Advise on corrective action.

  • Research for new manufacturing technology.

  • Build new products on Oracle

  • Create and maintain product SOP

Qualifications Needed:

  • Bs. in Mechanical Engineering.

  • 3 years of experiences preferred.

  • Good command of English language.

  • Computer Literate and good command of MS Office, AutoCAD, CAD/CAM, Solid Work.

Located at 10th of Ramadan City


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Leading the tooling design team to Design Better tooling and develop the existing ones.

  • Design and review for both sheet metal dies and injection molds.

  • Follow up the plans progress.

  • Communicate with international companies for outsourcing process.

  • Doing outsourcing plans for the new tooling.

  • Evaluates the offers technically and financially for the foreign companies.

  • Supervise the development of the existing tooling.

  • Support the product designers in their duties and responsibilities.

Qualifications Needed:

  • B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Design & Production preferred)/ Technical Institute.

  • Leadership, teamwork, innovation and professionalism competencies.

  • Good command of the English language.

  • Computer Literate and good command of MS Office, AutoCAD, Solid Work,NX.

  • Min 7 Years of experience in the same field

  • Professional in designing progressive dies

  • 2D Documentations.

  • 3D Modeling

Tool Design Section Head
Costing Section Head

Located at 10th of Ramadan City


​Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Following up, controlling, and monitoring, the material costs, standard cost, BOMs. Trends, price variances, usage variances.

  • Following up, controlling, and monitoring, the OH costs, standard cost, Routs. Variances.

  • Following up, controlling, and monitoring, the production, Job orders, variances.

  • Participate in the inventory control processes.

  • Participate in the budgeting activities.

  • Following up, controlling, and monitoring, the ECOs. Module processes.

  • To participate in all budgeting activity and tax files inspection.

  • Is responsible for controlling all of inter-company price lists and blanket agreement between factories.

  • Participate, guide and support all section employees to contribute in performing the quality, environmental and occupational health& safety systems effectively.

  • Support the role of the section to highlight its leadership on its responsibility areas for quality, environmental and occupational health& safety systems.

  • Reporting:

  • CC 01 ASG Cost Update Analysis.

  • CC 02 ASG Job close variances Analysis.

  • CC 03 ASG PPV Analysis.

  • CC 04 ASG Job orders follow up report monthly.

  • CC 05 ASG Material Cost Variance Report.

  • CC 06 ASG ECOS Analysis.

Qualifications Needed:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting.

  • Certification is preferred

  • Experience:

  • 7+ years of overall experience and 2+ years of experience in a similar title.

  • High Communication & Leadership skills

  • Very good English

  • ICDL

  • Advanced Excel is a must

  • ERP Oracle System is a must

وظائف فنية

مطلوب للتعيين فوراً

 نظرا لتوسعات مجموعة الأهرام لنظم الأمان، الشركة الرائدة في صناعة الكوالين في الشرق الأوسط وأفريقيا، فإنها تعلن عن الوظائف الشاغرة التالية بمصانعها بالعاشر من رمضان:

إدارة ضبط الجودة

  • مهندس ضبط جودة•       مشرف ضبط جودة

إدارة الإنتاج

فنيين إنتاج: (معالجة أسطح، تجميع، حقـــن، صنفرة وتلميع)

إدارات الصيانة وصيانة وتشغيل العدد

•فني صيانة ميكانيكية


•فني فرايز CNC

HR Generalist

Located at 10th of Ramadan City


Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Handles and provides support for various HR employee programs within the organization.

  • Maintains personnel files in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

  • Keeps employee records up-to-date by processing employee status changes in timely fashion.

  • Maintains listing of approved foundation positions along with assigned salary grade levels.

  • Processes personnel action forms and ensures proper approvals; disseminates approved forms.

  • Maintains budget spreadsheet that includes salaries, payroll taxes and fringe allowances.

  • Prepares paperwork required to place employees on payroll and establishes personnel file.

  • Assists in hiring process by coordinating job posting on the website, reviewing resumes, and performing telephone interviews and reference checks.

  • Maintains the employee handbook with updated resolutions and other pertinent information, as needed.

  • Arrange Stationeries of all HR Functions.

  • Issue Purchase Order related to HR functions

  • Prepare & Conduct Training for the employees


Qualifications Needed:

  • University Graduate.

  • Uses HRIS.

  • Proficiency in or knowledge of using a variety of computer software applications, especially Excel and Microsoft Word software.

  • High level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations and documentation.

  • Knowledge of office administration procedures.

  • Ability to operate most standard office equipment.

  • Attention to detail in composing, typing and proofing materials; establishing priorities; and meeting deadlines.

  • Good to excellent spelling, grammar and written English Skills.

  • Excellent telephone and oral communication skills.

  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

  • Competencies: to have Core Competencies according to AHRAM manual of Core Competencies

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